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The Story

His real name is Nicholas Dircz, but most people know him as the one and only DJ Mad Mardigan - The Official DJ of The Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx. 
Mad Mardigan's DJ career began in college when he purchased his first turntable in January of 1999. He started out with a deep desire to be a turntablist (one who utilizes the turntable as a musical instrument), and battle local DJs with his own style of vinyl manipulation. Mardigan became obsessed with collecting records and finding interesting sounds in them to scratch. He formed a relationship with KQAL, the WSU radio station, in order to help them purge their massive record stash.


Throughout college he competed in numerous DJ battles, and was a finalist at the 2001 DMC Minneapolis Regional. Mad Mardigan's crowning achievement at WSU was performing original songs with his Jazz professor live in front of the entire music department in an effort to convince them that the turntable is a musical instrument. They responded by offering him a teaching segment in the "Intro to Jazz" course. 


After graduating college, he began working in the corporate environment as an insurance agent. Mardigan learned some valuable things in that world, especially the profound realization that it just wasn't for him. This became even more obvious when his younger brother Elliot passed away in a tragic car accident in December of 2004... 


So he decided to risk it all — quit his job, move in with his mom, and focus on becoming a full-time Turntablist DJ Entertainer.  


Fast-forward to present day, and Mad Mardigan is dominating the DJ scene by playing many exclusive gigs throughout the Twin Cities, the Midwest and beyond. Here at home in Minneapolis, he splits his time between: operating GenerationNOW Entertainment, DJing for The Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx, producing remixes/edits, bringing his brand of turntablism to some of the Twin Cities' hottest nightclubs, and being a #DJDad. He has performed at virtually every venue in town including: The Target Center, Target Field, U.S. Bank Stadium, TCF Bank Stadium, The State Theatre, Varsity Theatre, SEVEN Ultralounge, The W Hotel, The Pourhouse, The Imperial Room... and the historic First Ave. Nightclub. He also performs at numerous weddings, corporate events, school dances, charity galas, and other private parties via GenerationNOW.


Staying true to his roots, DJ Mad Mardigan prides himself on being the most versatile, professional, unique, and talented Turntablist DJ Entertainer in the market today.


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